Our Process, The Life Cycle Perspective

the life cycle of a manufacturing project


SSI Customers are responsible for all design parameters on manufactured parts.  SSI uses the customers design geometry to manufacture sintered metal parts using the powder metal process with modern operational technology.  When manufacturing products, we consider the origin of raw materials, how the product will be used and end of life impacts we can control. SSI will make changes to lessen life cycle impacts when feasible.


Only approved suppliers chosen by our purchasing department are allowed to be used. Purchasing ensures our materials are compliant to SSI standards and considers where the materials are coming from.


When manufacturing, SSI considers the use of natural resources and the impacts we have on the environment including but not limited to: Waste to landfills, water, electricity, and natural gas usage, emissions to air and/or water.


SSI has no influence over how the consumer uses our product as it is provided within an OEM assembly and not directly from SSI. We encourage customers to properly use our products as intended and to not modify or alter the products in any way.


SSI strives to make quality parts that last, thereby reducing disposal frequency.  However we have little or no influence over how our products are dispositioned.  SSI encourages consumers to recycle the sintered metal products in accordance with applicable local, state or federal regulations.

Need Custom Manufacturing?

We are a world leading supplier and manufacturer of high volume custom tooled stainless steel parts using the powder metal sintering process. We are not a distributor or supplier of low volume programs or source for replacement parts. Let us know about your projects.