Engineered Porosity (EP) Grades

In applications such as filters, breathers, sound attenuators, and flame arrestors, control of the size, shape and distribution of the porosity is the critical aspect of the material. Where corrosion resistance is required in conjunction with high strength and/or high operating temperature, powder metal (PM) stainless steel and nickel-based alloys can provide the most cost effective solution.

316 SSI-EP-316 Austenitic stainless steel for general-purpose corrosion resistance.
Nickel-Molybdenum Superalloy SSI-EP-HAB Nickel-based superalloy (UNS N10001 chemistry) with nominally 67% nickel, 28% molybdenum, and 5% iron for use in high-temperature, high-stress, corrosive environments.
Monel 400 SSI-EP-Monel Nickel-Copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance over a range of alkaline and acidic environments and especially suitable for reducing conditions.