All Automotive suppliers are required to transition their Quality System to the IATF-16949 Standard by September of 2018. IATF replaces TS-16949; SSI has been certified for the past 12 years.
SSI has received another award that exemplifies their constant focus on quality and continuous improvement.
SSI’s Sintered Division recently completed its triennial re-assessment for TS-16949 and ISO-9001 and have been recommended for Unconditional Approval by SRI Registrars, Inc.  SSI was first registered to TS-16949 in 2004 and to ISO-9001/QS-900 in 1998.

NTN Driveshaft honored SSI Technologies with a 2015 President’s Award for outstanding supplier performance in both quality and delivery.  SSI supplies ABS Tone Rings to the Columbus, Indiana NTN facility from the Structural department of the Sintered Division.

As SSI ramps up for growth in new markets such as Variable Valve Pumps and Variable Valve Timing the need for enhanced capability to measure high precision tolerances is at the forefront.  SSI recognized these needs and purchased the proper equipment and conducted gage studies to assure we are able to measure specified tolerances as low as 6 microns accurately and repeatedly.  

The Sintered Specialties Division of SSI Technologies, Inc. is in the final stages of several new Variable Vane Pump program launches.

SSI Acquired Additional Plant for Growth

The Sintered Specialties Division of SSI Technologies, Inc. has completed moving all of the Secondary Machining and Assembly operations into their new adjoining plant as of December 2015.

Type 309 PM Stainless

Demand for increased fuel efficiency is driving the automotive industry towards implementing exhaust system strategies that place increasing demands on the materials used, i.e. increased high temperature strength and oxidation resistance in hot end applications.

Angled Sensor Boss Process Improvement Announcement
SSI Technologies announces a major breakthrough in the processing of angled sensor bosses.
Global Representation
SSI Sintered Specialties is pleased to announce the continued expansion of sales and technical support on a global scale.