Shattering the Boundaries of the Metal Injection Molding Process 

Metal injection molding is in our DNA. Now, we are reinventing the way customers leverage the technology.

We combine our longstanding history in high-temperature sintering and metal injection molding with an aggressive investment strategy in MIM’s newest equipment and brightest talent to offer customers the most out of metal injection molding products. Our nontraditional approach will power you to create your next innovation in metal injection molding.

Our Philosophy: A Process with all the Perks

MIM is known for producing complex geometries, but parts were limited to 20 grams. What if you could leverage only the best parts of the process? Now you can.

The metal injection molding process has a successful track record of manufacturing strong, complex metal parts for demanding applications in a high volume. With the combination of the newest equipment, high temperature sintering capacity and nontraditional feedstock, customers benefit from excellent corrosion resistance and custom alloys that types of metal injection molding provide to create repeatable, custom components.

Our approach to our injection molding process is to capitalize on the technology’s best attributes while introducing non-traditional solutions the process’s biggest shortcomings. Metal injection molding requires a manufacturing partner with the equipment, expertise and drive to reinvent the status quo. Here’s what we bring you:

ELNIK high temperature metal lined refractory vacuum furnace and an Arburg automated molding press

Equipment Investments

We are investing in the future of MIM, starting with the newest equipment to ensure high precision and repeatability. New to our growing fleet of equipment is an ELNIK high temperature metal lined refractory vacuum furnace and an Arburg automated molding press. These investments expand the development of our MIM sintering profiles and complete our fully automated molding cell.

Advanced MIM Materials

Advanced Materials

Our technology center is equipped to run a wide range of metal injection molding materials based on applications needs. Alongside conventional MIM components, our partnership with a leading polymer additives, coatings, and composites company, Tundra, enables the production of larger parts. We also use a nontraditional MIM feedstock system that improves shrinkage by 20% to 11% compared to traditional MIM materials.

ELNIK high temperature metal lined refractory vacuum furnace

MIM and Metallurgy Expertise

Our ELNIK high temperature metal lined refractory vacuum furnace, which sinters up to 1600 degrees C, allows for the production of nearly any MIM material type to meet enhanced material property requirements, including high temperature alloys. With the largest capacity of high temperature sintering in North America, SSI’s production floor is ready to conquer your next MIM challenge.

Transform Your Part’s Performance

Solve your application’s complex challenge with our MIM expertise and technology.

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Enabling the Production of Large MIM Parts

“It takes a strong partnership between dedicated materials and engineering experts to solve the challenging obstacles that are present in the injection molding space today.”

  • Paul Hauck - Chief Operating Officer, SSI Sintered Specialties

We have partnered with Tundra Technologies LLC, a leading polymer additives, coatings, and composites company, to enable high volume production of large, complex metal injection moulding products. We are your preferred production partner of parts made with Tundra’s Dynamik® materials platform, including metal composite feedstocks and powders. With our metallurgical production expertise and Tundra’s successful track record in coating materials, you can produce larger and more complex parts previously not possible in MIM.

With traditional MIM materials, the uncertainty of isotropic shrinkage significantly increases with larger parts, often creating high part variability, low dimensional stability and expensive material processing. These obstacles have kept most MIM components around the size of 25 grams or less. Dynamik® offers high particle concentration materials that can be processed on established equipment which enables large, complex part production in MIM – including part sizes greater than 100 grams. 

Here's what this means for you:

  • Average isotropic shrinkage of 11%, compared to traditional shrinkage of 16-20%
  • Improved particle packing – up to 87% by volume – allowing for lower sintering temperatures and improved isotropic characteristics
  • High dimensional stability, producing near-wrought properties and reduced part variability

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Large Metal Injection Molded Part 1 Large Metal Injection Molded Part 3 Large Metal Injection Molded Part 2

Is Your Component Fit for Metal Injection Molding?

Solve your application’s complex challenges with our MIM technology and expertise.

Not every part is a perfect fit for MIM. Here’s a few features that mean your component could benefit from our MIM technology:

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Large, Complex Parts

Large components that can’t be made in conventional powder metallurgy because of the design complexity are a fit for MIM. The more complex the geometry, the more an injection mold design can help.

Design Improvements Icon

Design Improvements

MIM is a solution for parts with two or more pieces that can be designed into a single piece. Injection mold design allows for internal and external threads without post processing.

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Tight Tolerances:

Large components with complex designs and a requirement for very tight tolerances will benefit from MIM. Meeting the tightest tolerances is one of MIM’s shining features.

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High Volume for Large Parts

Traditionally, large MIM parts for high volume production have been a fantasy. Our partnership with Tundra enables series production for MIM components greater than 100 grams.

Newsworthy Updates

SSI and Tundra partner to enable large part production with feedstock system

SSI Sintered Specialties and Tundra Technologies announced a partnership that will enable high volume production of large, complex metal injection molding components.

SSI adds automated molding press to growing technology center

The nearly all-electric press, complimented with full automation, will join SSI’s growing fleet of new equipment in its technology center located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

SSI expands technology portfolio with vacuum furnace investment

With the investment in an ELNIK high temperature refractory metal-lined vacuum furnace, SSI has announced its commitment to expansion into new PM processes.