SSI Sintered Specialties is a supplier of high volume iron and stainless components for the Pump and Compressor market for over thirty (30) years. Many of the components in these systems are well suited to the powder metal process and the economy it offers (for Automotive Pumps, please see our Automotive Applications Page).

  • Their geometry provides for net shape manufacturing with very little secondary operations
  • The material flexibility of powder metal grades offers many choices to address mechanical properties; elongation, hardness, corrosion, yield strength, etc.
  • Secondary machining can be employed where needed to add undercuts, cross-holes, or qualify diameters
  • Post sintering operations may also include impregnation or steam treatment, depending on the application
  • Capability to create custom blends of material, in the event the customer has a unique need.
Refrigeration Compressor Counterweight

Refrigeration Compressor Counterweight

  • Fe-W-Cu material matrix, custom developed to achieve optimum density
  • This alloy configuration was chosen to address the volume constraints in the customer’s application; the 8.5 g/cc minimum density allowed for a much more “compact” part
Water Pump Rotors and Couplings

Water Pump Rotors and Couplings

  • These components are constructed with either iron or stainless material, application dependent
  • The geometry of the Rotors allows for virtually zero waste in the manufacturing process
  • The spline geometry in both ends of the Coupling is created with tooling, providing the same net shape benefit
Compressor Slider Blocks

Compressor Slider Blocks

  • Just as with the above Rotors and Couplings, the geometry of these parts is perfect for powder metal
  • Several materials are typically employed
    • Steam treated M2 steel
    • Oil impregnated sinter hardened steel