Automotive Prototype Services

The powder metal process can be used to develop metal prototyping services and parts for many sintered stainless steel process applications. Prototyping parts are manufactured by compacting a “slug” or round block of material to a specified diameter, thickness, and density. This block of material is then processed through our standard sintering process to achieve typical material property characteristics. This block of material is then machined to create parts formed to a specific geometry. This process provides production intent material properties with only the machined geometry being formed outside the production intent process.

Prototype Support

Prototype Support

SSI Sintered Specialties offers two options for prototypes:

  • Fully machined to your print specifications
  • Sintered block of material for the customer to machine
    • Maximum size – 7.5 inch diameter x 2.5 inch thickness

Typical lead times are 3 - 4 weeks for sintered slugs or 6 - 7 weeks for fully machined parts (depending on quantity and complexity).

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Contact Mike Moss at 608-373-2331 or with any questions or to receive a quotation.