Sintered Metal Filters, Porous Components and Other Products

Sintered metal filters, components are manufactured with a controlled amount of porosity throughout the part to facilitate specific pressure flow control, venting, sound attenuation, housing or filtering properties.

Manufacturing Features

  • High volume 316 stainless steel metal applications

  • Specialty metal alloys such as Monel and Hastalloy are also utilized

  • Insertion/assembly capabilities

  • Porosity level can be customized to your personal application

Porous Metal Components

Porous Metal Components

Porous metal products can be supplied by SSI Sintered Specialties as part of an assembly.

  • Sintering process bonds to a fitting
  • Press fit into a fitting
  • Constant filter flow for the device
Sintered Metal Filters

Sintered Metal Filters

Sintered metal filters from SSI Sintered Specialties can be supplied in a variety shapes and sizes depending on your specific need.

  • Options to utilize an existing “off the shelf” part
  • Options to develop a custom filter design specific to your application