Sensor Target Rings

SSI is a leader in the sensor target ring market, providing components in support of the transmission, engine, and anti-lock brake system segments.

  • P/M offers a very competitive process for high volume applications
  • Material utilization is excellent with typical target ring geometries
  • Material offerings include:
    • Ferritic stainless steels at densities greater than 7.0 g/cm3 (410L & 434L)
    • Iron grades at densities greater than 7.0 g/cm3 (FY-4500 & F-0008)
  • Excellent magnetic response and performance in harsh operating environments
  • Global technical sales support
  • Application experience dating back to 1991
Quality Sensor Target Rings

Quality Sensor Target Rings

  • Diameters range from 50mm to 250mm, and OAL from 6mm to 50mm
  • Configurations as basic as a straight-thru coined ID, or as complicated as a splined ID with a machined undercut

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