O2 Sensor Boss

SSI Sintered Specialties is the market leader producing a comprehensive family of high density stainless steel O2 sensor bosses for the automotive and heavy truck industries. These bosses are used to mount oxygen, temperature, NOx, ammonia, and pressure sensors in key locations providing critical performance data for system controllers.

  • High temperature sintering of powder metal stainless steel is preferred as the least costly method of manufacturing components with complex geometries such as contoured pipe interface, angles, steps, and weld projections
  • Excellent performance relative to weldability, fatigue, oxidation, thermal and corrosion resistance – over 200 million parts in the field with zero warranty concerns
  • Currently shipping over 40 million bosses per year to customer manufacturing plants around the world with documented quality levels of less than 1 PPM
  • Global technical sales support
  • Dedicated focused factory and support staff ensures maximum performance at the lowest cost
  • Stainless material grades include 409, 430, and 434 at 7.2 g/cm3 minimum density, 304 at 7.0 g/cm3 minimum density, and 309L at 7.3” minimum density
  • Application experience going back to 1996
Sensor Boss - Angled Saddle O2

Sensor Boss - Angled Saddle O2

  • One advantage of the powder metal process is the ability to mold angles and contoured faces without costly secondary machining operations
  • Angles up to 40 degrees are achievable with the proper amount of interface tolerance
Stepped and Contoured Sensor Bosses

Stepped and Contoured Sensor Bosses

  • Steps and contoured faces are often designed into powder metal HEGO sensor bosses to allow better fit with the mating pipe
  • These designs can be achieved with virtually zero material waste
Other Sensor Bosses

Other Sensor Bosses

  • SSI Sintered Specialties manufactures high density stainless steel bosses for a variety of applications including the mounting of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and NOx sensors
  • Configurations include stepped, saddle, and straight with both male and female threads