Drivetrain and Transmission


Variable Valve Timing Components

This group of variable valve timing components is an excellent use of powder metal technology. The complicated geometry on all of the parts can be formed with compacting tooling and further qualified with coining tooling to establish even tighter tolerances.

  • In almost all cases, these parts are ground to extremely tight length, flatness, and parallelism tolerances, typically no more than 20 micron
  • Material selections are generally Iron-Copper or Iron-Nickel, with heat treatment of critical areas
  • With the exception of grinding and tapping stock for threaded holes, there is zero material loss in the process for these parts
Non-Magnetic Collars

Non-Magnetic Collars

These non-magnetic collars are utilized in electronic locking rear differential assemblies. The powder metal blank part is reasonably simple, but when complete every surface has been machined to an extremely tight tolerance.

  • Austenitic stainless steel (303) is an excellent material choice as it is both non-magnetic and stronger than other options such as aluminum or brass
  • Material loss during the machining process is relatively minimal, since the blank size is tightly controlled in all axes
  • The collar is press fit into a housing on the OD interface and has a bearing installed in the ID interface
Bearing Adjuster Assembly

Bearing Adjuster Assembly

This Bearing Adjuster Assembly for a Front Wheel Drivetrain is comprised of two powder metal blanks that are machined to final configuration prior to assembly.

  • The material utilized is a Chromium Steel (FL-5208), sintered in a high temperature ceramic furnace
  • The properties achieved are superior to those possible in metal belt furnace at conventional temperatures, resulting in a more robust assembly
  • With the exception of the ID and OD threading, all of the features on these two parts are created in the compacting tooling, resulting in minimal machining waste
Four Wheel Drive Transfer Case

Four Wheel Drive Transfer Case

These two components are utilized in a Four Wheel Drive Transfer Case for light trucks and work in concert to transfer power to the front wheels once 4WD is engaged.

Fork Assembly

  • An excellent candidate for the powder metal process, produced off tools with no secondary operations
  • The purchased pin is pressed in, providing a functional component ready to install at the customer site


  • A great candidate for powder metal as well, with the small and large splines built into the compacting and coining tools
  • This part is produced to minimum density of 7.4 g/cm3  and heat treated for additional strength