SSI Expands Technology Portfolio

SSI Expands Technology Portfolio

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Engineering for Tomorrow

Engineering for Tomorrow

Performance-driven, sustainable components in powder metallurgy

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Our Company

As an engineering partner for automotive and industrial markets, SSI Sintered Specialists is an international supplier of high performance sintered metal products through advanced powder metallurgy processes.

Our systems, processes, and team of experts are committed to quality and innovation as we continuously improve and strive to create the technology of tomorrow.

Industries and Applications We Serve

Powdered Metal Parts Manufacturing

We combine metal binding powder and scientific processes with modern operational technology to manufacture high volume sintered products, parts and components for automotive and industrial markets around the globe.

Sintered Specialties

As a manufacturing partner for automotive and industrial markets, we are one of the leading international suppliers of sintered metal products. Manufacturing parts and other components, such as stainless steel fittings, sintered metal filters, stainless steel flanges, assemblies manufactured by a variety of powdered metal parts using the powdered metal process. Our facilities, systems, processes, and professional staff are geared toward excellence in customer service as we continuously improve in terms of cost, quality, delivery, and safety.

High Volume Manufacturer

  • World leader among powdered metal suppliers in terms of high temperature sintering capabilities and capacity
  • World leader in terms of high density stainless steel powder parts applications
  • Quality system complimented as “best in class” by external 3rd party system auditor
  • Focused on engineered components for high volume applications
  • Wide spectrum of sintered steel powder competency – densities, materials, secondary operations
  • Global supplier to over 175 customer locations in 27 countries on 6 continents