SSI has been manufacturing high volume metal parts and components for the tool and hardware industries for many years. The powdered metal parts process is ideal for these applications for a number of reasons:

  • Wide variety of metal material and material property options
  • A range of geometric shapes can be achieved “as-tooled” for many part application
  • Low cost process that is highly repeatable
<!--304 Stainless Steel Cam Lock Device-->

  • 304 stainless steel cam lock device, with a purchased split-ring assembled; utilized in fluid / chemical handling systems
<!--303 Latch Bolt-->

  • 303 latch bolt for commercial door locks, utilized in exterior applications
  • Component is resin impregnated and finished machined to achieve final dimensions and features
Multi Piece Assemblies

Multi Piece Assemblies

SSI manufactures a variety of components for this handcuff set, utilized by law enforcement and security.

  • Internal: the locking dog (ratchet), which engages the rotating bow
  • External: the rotating bow and the multi piece hinge linkage assembly
  • Value added operations to create the final linkage assembly are produced by SSI as well